I met a guy today in Osaka who claimed he smoked 60 cigarettes a day. He let me know that he thinks the anti-smoking campaigns in the United States and laws against smoking in restaurants and bars was terrible. He also claimed that the United Airlines fight in the anti-smoking campaign was about money. His explanation was that they just didn’t want to pay people to clean out the ashtrays. He was upset because all this anti-smoking business was influencing Japan and now he said that his boss has begun to get irritated with him because he takes 8 smoke breaks a day. People in Japan were starting to finally understand the effects of cigarettes. “But not all people who smoke get cancer,” he stated. He also told me that all of his teeth had fallen out and had to be replaced at the age of 35. He went for 3 years without teeth. 

I am guessing it might have something to do with smoking. 



02/17/2016 10:09pm

Every person known smoking is injurious to health but people do the smoking for fashion. Some people are very crazy and do the smoking every time. And to entice them more, one could include an attendance reward system which many institute are using and it has positive results altogether.


Education offering many departments for individuals to study and they can select their own interested department and can be able to do more well in their interested field, one has freedom to choose his own wanted field to learn.


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