“Japanese people are truly shy,” one of my students was explaining to me. “Our feeling is weak right now and we need to grow stronger, get back some of the samurai spirit that we had in the past. Nowadays, we are depend on America too much. China is growing stronger everyday and Japanese politicians feel like they have to pander to China so we can keep up our trade business with them.”

“Yes, Japan does a lot of business with China. It will be interesting to see what the future relationship will be between Japan and China. Japan has been the alpha dog of Asia, regarding business and economy but China has already taken over that position.”

“Chinese people are very different from us. They are loud and aggressive,” he said point blankly. “I don’t see how we can ever be friends.”

“There are many differences between China and Japan,” he went on. “In China, there are many more people so it is more crowded than Japan. Chinese people are very outspoken and Japanese people are not. It is easy to understand what a Chinese person is thinking or feeling. It is difficult to understand what a Japanese person is thinking because we only tell you what you want to hear. Japan is safer than China and we don’t have as much crime. We obey the law more than Chinese. In Japan, we are concerned about safety. In China, many times, safety issues are overlooked. Also, Chinese government makes many lies to the people.”

“So what’s the solution?” I asked. “How do Japan and China become friends?”

“I’m not sure how to become real friends, real allies. Right now, we are only business friends. I’m not sure how to move past that and become a true friend.” 



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