“You look like you’ve gained some weight,” one of my regular students said to me.

I nearly choked on my piece of ice. I had actually lost a kilo recently because of Billy’s Boot Camp. It must have been all the vegetables I had been eating recently. They always made me feel bloated.

“Umm, thank you,” I replied, smiling.

“You also look like you’ve gained weight,” she commented to the other student, a Japanese girl who had the proportions of a toothpick.

Thank God, I thought to myself. I had been worried about the skinny girl for a long time.

“Actually, I eat all the time,” the skinny girl said. “I eat like six large meals a day but I can never gain any weight. Recently I’ve put on about a kilo because I added another meal. Now I eat seven large meals a day.”

I wondered if she had ringworm. Lucky girl.

I was constantly amazed at how the Japanese could stay so slim. I had read somewhere that the Japanese daily calorie intake was higher than Americans. Americans, however, tended to eat more sugar and refined carbohydrates, which was stored as fat. 

I sighed deeply to myself. No amount of Billy's Boot Camp would shrink me that much. 



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