With our thinly insulated apartments in Japan that seem to constantly let chilly drafts in, it’s sometimes difficult to stay nice and toasty through the winter. And although the winter in Osaka is quite mild, the lack of central heating in most apartments makes it seem a lot colder than it really is, leaving us shivering like badly tuned diesel engines next to the space heater and imagining the warm orange of a winter fire. After three winters in Osaka though, I think I’m finally starting to figure out how to keep my body as snug as a bug in a rug. The answers are layers, a hot water bottle, and hot tea. You’ll thank your lucky stars when they come to your rescue.

     Luckily, Uniqlo has also come to the rescue recently, a rising star with its Heat Tech innerwear. The material is “woven out of a specially designed hollow fiber thread that captures little pillows of toasty warm air, insulating your body in the same way a heavier wool would and creating a secret weapon against the winter chill. Heat Tech fabric includes a rayon mix that actually absorbs the moisture generated by the body and converts it into heat. Milk protein, containing natural amino acids, has been mixed with the fibers to ensure the fabric is smooth and soft to the touch; making it not only a heat retaining item, but also the perfect layering garment.”

     So, Uniqlo Heat Tech innerwear should be your first defense in your titanic effort to battle the cold. The second thing you need in your silent army is a hot water bottle, which can be found at Don Quixote for about 1000 yen. For those who have not experienced the bliss of a hot water bottle, it is a rubber container that you fill with hot water and seal with a stopper. It’s essential for bedtime and will keep your feet warm. It’s also helpful to add an extra blanket on top of your duvet, it makes a world of difference.

     The third defense is hot green tea. Not only does it raise your core body temperature, but it is also full of antioxidants and can help prevent against getting the swine flu or a cold.

     So don’t be left in the cold this year. Head to your local Uniqlo, your knight in shining armor, and stock up on some Heat Tech. In addition, don’t forget to grab a water bottle from Don Quixote and stock up on the green tea. It’s an eternity until spring. 



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